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Bordel Q @ The Jamboree

BordelQTuesday 3rd May 2016. 7pm.

Bordel Q is an exciting new quintet based in London, forging links between musical genres, styles and languages founded upon the diverse backgrounds of the ensemble’s members. Their amalgamation of jazz, classical and world music, and the eclecticism with which pieces are approached, result in music that is both old and new, clear yet complex, offering a rich and individual musical experience.

The quintet’s debut programme is in honour of Astor Piazzolla, whose works embody all musical elements the ensemble are dedicated to. Although a well known Argentinian composer of Tango, Astor also explored styles such as classical, contemporary and jazz, and created the genre ‘Nuevo Tango’. With original arrangements and interpretations of his music, Bordel Q take their audience on a colourful and virtuous musical journey.

Special guests Antonio Riva and Katherine Henderson will dance with us on one of the most beautiful Piazzolla’s tune: Vuelvo al Sur.


*Entry: £5 at the door

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