Harry Hussey (UK) @ Recoaro Terme (Vicenza) 15th Raduno Nazionale Veterani Della Fisarmonica

On the 29th, 30th September and 1st October the “15th National Veterans Gathering of the Accordion”  will be meeting in Recoaro terme (Vicenza). To the gathering they can participate Accordionists and Accordion lovers of all ages. 

 In the occasion, beyond to the exhibition of Famous International Accordionists, there will be the ceremony of an impression of the right hand of some accordionist delegates including this year Harry Hussey from England .In October 2004 Heather Smith, Bert Santilly, David Lukins & Gary Blair were honoured at Recoaro Terme with wax handprints taken placed in the famous International Museum alongside many many famous International accordionists of the past and present, it is indeed a great honour to be included in this wonderful museum.


The wax hand impressions will go to join to those already visible existing near the “Museum of the Prints” of Recoaro Terme.  The three days of the gathering preview numerous musical initiatives and facilities on the stay.  For greater information can be obtained from the organiser of the annual event Mr Elio Bertolini

Mr Elio Bertolini,Via Griffini,3/A 36076, Recoaro Terme(Vicenza), ITALIA

TEL 0445/575446 –  Cell. 368/3764675 –  Email: max.brt@tiscali.it

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