Jack Emblow’s Birthday is on Wednesday 27th June 2012 | UK Accordions

Jack Emblow’s Birthday is on Wednesday 27th June 2012

Send your birthday greetings to ukao@aol.com and they will be seen by Jack Emblow.

Jack Emblow was born in Lincoln on 27th June 1930. He started learning the piano at the age of nine, switching to the accordion two years later. At 15 he was part of a stage act with jazz pianist Eddie Thompson and, at 17, he auditioned with the BBC. In addition to solo broadcasts, he played with a variety of groups during the fifties and had a three year spell at the Berkeley Hotel in Piccadilly, playing for Ian Stewart.

The Jack Emblow Sextet made its radio debut in ‘Music While You Work’ in 1956 and for about five years was one of the mainstays of the programme. Increasing demands for the band’s services in other programmes rather limited their appearances in the series in later years, their superb arrangements, smooth sound and flawless playing making them suitable for any time of day. They did about 500 broadcasts, of which 54 were in MWYW but they also contributed extensively to programmes like ‘Bright and Early’, ‘Morning Music’, ‘On with the Bands’ and a number of late evening programmes.

Jack also played in many other groups, his distinctive style making him immediately recognisable. Although generally regarded as Britain’s top jazz accordionist, the self-effacing Jack Emblow doesn’t agree, preferring to be regarded as an ‘all-rounder’. For more than 40 years he provided the accordion accompaniment for the Cliff Adams Singers in ‘Sing Something Simple’ and during the seventies formed the ‘French Collection’ for radio and records, leading the group on the French Musette accordion — an instrument that he does not particularly like! He much prefers his straight-tuned Excelsior accordion, which has a special tone chamber, enabling him to achieve his famous mellow tone.

For many years he contributed to the incidental music for the television series ‘Last of the Summer Wine’, and also played the theme for the comedy series ‘Allo ‘Allo.

Jack Emblow was elected Honorary President of the National Accordion Organisation of the United Kingdom in 2002. He is still giving recitals around the country and even an occasional broadcast!. His youthful appearance which belies his advancing years has given rise to him being dubbed ‘Peter Pan’ by his fellow musicians.

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