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Report – Guildford A/C Party Night

Pearl Fawcett Adriano


The incredibly talented musician Pearl Fawcett – Adriano was the very special guest artiste at the Guildford Accordion Club’s birthday party night on friday 20th April 2007 which was held at the Ripley Village Hall near Guildford in Surrey.
A huge crowd in excess of 150 people filled the Ripley Village Hall to enjoy a fantastic performance by this star accordionist performer, all enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere created by Pearl and the Guildford Accordion Club with compere John Cumiskey.
 The hugely successful Surrey accordion club were celebrating their 17th birthday and the evenings’ entertainment included performances by The Tillingbourne Accordion Orchestra with
Mike Carrington, Doug Carpenter, Egidio Spadaccini, Gennaro Fiondella and various club members.
 A free glass of wine & a slice of birthday cake plus the usual tea-coffee & biscuits made the party go with a swing and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
Pearl Fawcett – Adriano is indeed the quintessential accordionist performer of her generation and appears to have it all,
 she is a pleasant articulate attractive lady who makes each and every member of her audience feel special with her confident playing and winning smile.
She has bellow control and bass fingering to die for, her right hand touch and articulation are of the first order, her choice of musical programme content is always fresh interesting and varied, before performing each piece of music she explains in detail interesting facts about its history and that of the composer often with comments about the style of music or dance.
 Pearl Fawcett-Adriano is, in my opinion, the best accordionist performer that we have right now in the UK and accordion students should make every effort to attend one of her superb performances.
Report by:- Neil Lane

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