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UKAO Nostalgia Corner – Happy Memories!

If anyone has any "Accordion Memories" or Photographs from the good old days,

from your accordion school, please send them to

I am an ex Martin Lukins pupil from around 1958 and was a member of the senior orchestra.
I have many fond memories of those days including playing in the orchestra on some concerts and TV shows. When I moved away from the London area I found that I could get more gigs playing the Electric Organ so I had to sell my beloved Sonlar accordion (double cassotto chambers)and have not played the accordion since.
In the last few days I have made contact with another ex pupil Bert Santilly and am pleased to hear that he is doing well.
After moving to Vancouver Canada many years ago I moved into the area of composing using synthesizers and selling my CDs on CDbaby and apple itunes.
I am pleased to see that the accordion scene in the UK is doing well. I look forward to visiting a club the next time I come to England and listening to the members play.
Alas my accordion technique such as it was has long gone it would take years of work to get it back.
Regards, Joe White

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